wireless broadband USBS and Australia

October 2, 2009 at 2:44 am (Uncategorized)

I’m here to discuss wireless USB’s and Australia.
Because wireless internet makes life easier, with some companies cheaper and well I don’t tangle myself in cords

Unfortunately for me I live 5 minutes out of Hobart CBD in Tasmania, which crosses Three network off my list. I am also told that whilst Dodo, Optus and Virgin are still sold in my state that there is hardly any coverage and where there is coverage it’s pretty poor.
Vodafone and GRL network (a subsidary of Vodafone) have coverage where I live but there’s huge blackspots and it quite enjoys dropping out atleast once an hour. That said quite quick when it works as well as economic.
Telstra has great coverage but the prices are sky high for example $30 for 225MB compared to $29 for 1.5GB with GRL, so not economical really for university students, unemployed or well anyone earning under 50k a year.
Lets face it.
Australia + internet = fail
til next time!


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Aussie TV – has wednesday night become the new saturday?

September 30, 2009 at 12:06 pm (awesome pile, fail room, Television, Uncategorized) (, , , , , )

Tonight saw the launch of two new shows and the reunion of an old Australian Favourite in Hey Hey it’s Saturday. Personally I’m quite pleased to see it back on temporarily and would like to see how well it went in the ratings. Maybe we’ll see it come back in the 2010 line up for Channel 9.

On Channel 10 we saw Celebrity Masterchef start which was also quite good, and really well set out. Kudos go to them.

Unfortunately for me, the ABC’s new 9pm show The Hungry Beast, for me was an epic fail.
Well I had high expectations, I thought it might be a mix of Jtv and the Chaser but alas all I got was apathy with a title sequence that sneakily familiar to Jtv’s except for it turning into a “beast”

Yep apathy.
Now I’m a cynical malcontent, but seriously, a whole show on apathy is really only going to entertain for so long, maybe the emo’s will find it ace, but that’s all. Whilst I like the fake report about gulibilty, the bagging out of internet support for social/political issues is a kinda lame bird to shot at, and wtf was that thing about the cat.
This show should’ve had a first season launch on ABC 2 just to test the waters before going to ABC to work out the kinks.
till next time kids!

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and now a rant on bad food and moods

September 25, 2009 at 3:05 am (Uncategorized) (, , )

Is it just me or is everyone just in a shitty mood?
The guy in a government agency I went to yesterday just grunted when I asked him questions
Then this morning I went to the supermarket and the chick who served me was in a serious shitty mood.
I wonder if it’s all the rain.
Also speaking of the supermarket, can Woolworths change their slogan from fresh food people to mouldy food people? I mean seriously, a quick look around the fresh food department will quickly destroy their motto, mouldy strawberries, browning lettuce and bananas, apples and pears that are bruised to buggery all at sky high prices.
Aldi, please build a store in Tasmania, at least your products have a decent price, even if the are bruised to hell.
Which leads me to a new idea for this blog

have you bought top dollar, but low grade supposedly fresh fruit and veg from one of the big supermarkets then feel free to tell us and post pictures on here, the public deserves to know how completely dodgy the fresh food has become!

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Shock Jocks, Interragation and Lack of Family Support

August 11, 2009 at 11:23 pm (Uncategorized) (, , , , )

For those who have been living under a rock Kylie and Jackie O have been pulled off Austereo radio stations due to an incident where they put a 14 year old on a lie dectector test whilst her mum asked her questions about her personal life to win concert tickets. The girl revealed that she had been raped at the age of 12. Now whilst Kyle and Jackie O should not of broadcasted it in the first place, the media circus that has followed it has been deplorable and Last Nights Episode of ACA was the lowest point.
More relatives of the girl said on A Current Affair that “they didn’t believe that she was raped and that she was drunk blah blah blah”

Now hold on.

Personally I believe the girl is not at fault, the family has failed at making sure that this child was kept out of harms way. I hope that the girl has been referred to a decent therapist and someone that cares about her more than her family does.

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on twitter, the Iran election and possibly calling an Iranian intel officer a “moronic farce”

June 23, 2009 at 4:26 am (ettiquette and fashion, internet, online community, politics) (, , )

Hello! Firstly allow us to apoligise, We should’ve blogged ages ago, but we’ve been busy. We finally found why twitter is an important tool for the 21st century.


We’ve been particpating day and night in trying to help Iranians keep their access to the net and retweeting vital information. so we are sorry that we have not blogged for a while, but we here at the mutated pixel bunker think even if you live in a dictatorship, you should at least be allowed the right to know the correct total of votes, and not have the internet and phone services cut off when you complain that you the election was fixed.

We hope and pray that everyone in Iran will be careful and try to stay safe.

Now to what we’ve been up to for the last two hours.

LSD is a bit of political nut, and whilst catching up on sky news with the whole ute gate affair and laughing at Malcolm Turnbull finally being shown for the idiot he is, LSD logged on to our twitter account and clicked the Iran Election hashtag and that’s where she found her amusement for the day.

After reading unnamed tweets and then discovering there was multiple ones, she smelled a rat. (well not a rat, it was the sushi from the sushi bar down the road, but you know what we mean) This twitter user was repeating the same anti U.S propaganda and other lovely things, so she decided that toying with the user would be fun. She started with calling the user a moronic farce and went from there. We now know LSD will never go to Iran for fear of being arrested for possibly taunting an Iranian Intelligence Official.

May Neda rest in peace.

May Iran become peaceful again.

May LSD not be kidnapped tonight

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The Beatles, Anticipation and Legacy

June 3, 2009 at 7:06 am (awesome pile, music, Uncategorized)

On september the ninth this year, the long awaited and anticipated “The Beatles: Rock Band will be released along with the re release of their catalogue, remastered and with extras.
So here at the mutated pixelation lab the decision was made to put together some Beatles quotes and references purely for our own enjoyment and possibly the enjoyment of others. Feel free to post your own as well!

“He’s very fussy about his drums. They loom large in his legend.” George Harrison talking about Ringo Starr in HELP!

“The Beatles saved the world from boredom.” George Harrison

“The Beatles exist apart from my Self. I am not really Beatle George. Beatle George is like a suit or shirt that I once wore on occasion and until the end of my life people may see that shirt and mistake it for me.” George Harrison

In the 2008 movie Yes Man, Carl Allen (Jim Carrey) sings Can’t Buy Me Love when he sneaks into the Hollywood Bowl with Allison (Zooey Deschanel), He soon also mentions the Murder of John Lennon. He also yells “I’ve got blisters on my fingers!” after playing the guitar to save a man from jumping off a building.

“The Beatles were bigger than Jesus” John Lennon was accused of saying this, but it was later revoked.

There’s heaps of references By The Simpsons about the Beatles but our favourite is in Season 14, the episode “Bart of War”, Bart and Milhouse break into Flanders’ house when chasing after their fly-on-a-string and stumbling into Ned’s private collection of Beatles memorabilia, which included a DIY book titled Learn Carpentry with the Beatles (with John Lennon on the cover saying, ‘I’m fixing a hole … in my drywall!’); a Yellow Submarine standing cardboard cut-out; a Mop-Top-Pop featuring the flavours ‘John Lemon,’ ‘Orange Harrison,’ ‘Paul McIced Tea’ and ‘Mango Starr’.
Bart later takes a drink of a ‘John Lemon’ flavored can of Mop-Top-Pop and sees a psychedelic transformation of Milhouse through John Lennon’s career; from the early years of a suit and mop-top to the “Sergeant Pepper”-era uniform to a more rebellious hippie-look with grannie-glasses to the controversial Rolling Stone magazine cover with a nude John Lennon next to Yoko Ono. Afterwards, Bart quotes ‘Yellow matter custard, dripping from a dead dog’s eye’ from The Beatles’ song “I Am The Walrus”.

“We thought that if we lasted for two to three years that would be fantastic.” Ringo Starr

“I took two suitcases to India with me, one full of clothes and the other full of Heinz Baked Beans!” Ringo Starr

” I am alive and well and unconcerned about the rumors of my death. But if I were dead, I would be the last to know.” Paul McCartney commenting on his “death”

“I am not the Beatles. I’m me. Paul isn’t the Beatles…The Beatles are the Beatles. Separately, they are separate.” John Lennon

As far as I’m concerned, there won’t be a Beatles reunion as long as John Lennon remains dead.” George Harrison

“Give Peace a Chance”

John Lennon

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So long Sol, it’s obvious, you won’t miss us

May 26, 2009 at 4:49 am (fail room, internet, politics, radio) (, , , , , )

Sol Trujillo, the CEO of Telstra for another month has left Australia already back into the safe loving arms of the Americans.
Supposedly Australians are racist, from Prime Minister Kevin Rudd, down to the lowliest bogan.

Trujillo has been the CEO of Telstra for a few years and has ran into the ground, service in regional areas has suffered whilst prices have gone up, yet he’s walked away with 30 million dollars. When he announced his departure from the job, Kevin Rudd was quoted as saying “adios” (spanish for goodbye) Sol being of Mexican decent has seen this as a racial slur and in a recent BBC radio interview called the whole country “backward”

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the Australian Budget

May 12, 2009 at 11:14 am (health, internet, politics) (, , , , , , )

So the budget has been handed down again and the two major immediate winners are pensioners and infrastructure.
Universities, Small Business and Parental leave also come out with a few positive outcomes but most of the policy is delayed or only short term.

In dot points
*single aged pensioners will get $32.49 more a fortnight $10 if a couple
*Universities will get a large amount of funding and also in 2013 the Federal government will fund 50,000 more university places
*Large investment in transport and broadband infrastructure
*Tax breaks for small business
*18 week taxable parental leave starts in jan 2011

The only real loss apart from the 57 billion dollar deficit is the loss of the 30% health insurance rebate being cut from those whom earn over 120 000 a year.

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The Week in Dot Points

May 10, 2009 at 10:40 am (awesome pile, ettiquette and fashion, fail room, health, politics, tasmania) (, , , , , , , , )

*rumors about next weeks Australian Federal Budget were abundant – in particular the axing of the 30% Private health insurance rebate, superannuation contributions and paid paternity leave

*Malcolm Turnbull accused Kevin Rudd of being “hot headed” after a supposed incident over not having a hair dryer on his last trip to Afghanistan. Speaking of Turnbull, he announced rather pigishly that He and the Liberals will be ready whenever the Labor party are for the election. All getting rather childish in Canberra by the sounds of it, I expected him to be poking his tongue out after he said it as well.

*Death total from Swine Flu currently stands as being under 200, whilst the world wide hysteria kicks into overload and everyone uses alcohol hand sanitizer like Niles Crane from Frasier.

*Everyone learned that those in the Congo Army believe that sodomising Pygmies give supernatural powers

*In Australia the gender test for pregnant couples has been made available – which has struck fear into those hate filled right to lifers (who will gladly kill you if you ever mention the “A” word around them) saying that couples who find out the gender of their unborn child at 8 weeks will lead to more abortions.

*In Tasmania, it was found out that opposition leader Will Hodgman spent $13000 on his website – gee and I spend nothing for mine, he’s really being ripped off

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30% rebate loss hype – is it justified?

May 8, 2009 at 11:46 am (fail room, health, politics) (, , , , )

Rumors have begun circulating in the Australian media concerning what measures will be included in the Federal Budget next Tuesday night, the most predominant one is the axing of the 30% rebate on Private Medical Insurance.

Thing is, there will be conditions and an income test for the rebate put in place so those individuals who earn over $150 000 a year or families who earn over $240 000 a year will lose the rebate completely.

But that’s the thing, if your family was earning $240 000 a year would you really have a problem paying an extra 30% for Private Medical Insurance?
Really, in all honesty???

As someone whom has spent the last couple years living on under $850 a month whilst at university and payed rent, bought food, paid phone, power and internet bills whilst still finding a bit of cash to save, one would imagine that a family on 240k or an individual on 150k a year would find the adjustment easy.
Maybe cut down on a few lattes or trips to the theatre?
and thats another thing the Private Insurers are running round going “OMG OMG OMG IF YOU DO THAT WE’LL HAVE TO PUT UP FEES TO COVER THOSE WHO CUT OFF THEIR INSURANCE!!!”
I say “Pffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffft”
The private insurers are already making a bundle, and even if they do lose some business the only reason that put their fees up is for greed, nothing more.

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