straight off the top of the awesome pile

December 22, 2008 at 11:25 am (graffiti, internet, online community) (, , , , )

To start off the roll of the Awesome ball,
The first picture in the Awesome File is this;


Taken in The Quadrant Mall earlier this year; it is unknown who drew this wonderous piece of graffiti, but to whoever you are it was purely epic.
I went back the next day to find that it had been painted over.
Thanks Launceston City Council, for being kill joys

somethings to add to the shame basket

is the online community website for recycling last years Christmas event but changing it from helping orphans finding new homes, to elves trying to help Santa Claus regain his brain function as a human rather than a cow.

Also the fact that it layed off 13% of its work force so close to Christmas is also rather disappointing but alas a part of the Economic Crisis. This posed the questions to its users

who was next?

will the site now begin to drop it’s level of excellence?

and is nothing safe from the economic crisis?


another add to the shame basket is trying to follow in intriducing add on games and applications. IF users wanted to use applications for their profile they would actually being using instead

til next time


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