and the Australian Nomination for Turn Coat of the Year is…

January 6, 2009 at 11:16 am (politics) (, , , , , )

Peter Garrett the current Australian Environment Minister.
And for those who don’t know who I am talking about here’s a picture of him now;

peter-garrett Image from

now for those are going “hey! I know that guy, but I didn’t think he was a suit”, he was infact the frontman for Australian Rock Group Midnight Oil and was quite passionate about several issues such as environment and mining.
a image of him during the oils hey day

in the eighties, he ran for a seat in the Federal Government with Nuclear Disarmament Party but lost. In 2004 he was preselected by the Labor Party and won the seat of Kingford-Smith and continues to serve there today.
So you’re asking yourself “err so whats wrong with that? He finally got in and is now trying to do more from within the establishment right?”
Since becoming Environment/Heritage/Arts Minister he has;

*Approved planning to dredge Port Phillip Bay
* Approved the Expansion of the Beverly Uranium Mine in South Australia.
“Children, what do we use Uranium for?”
“errr for medical reasons and to blow each other to hell”

It was this, that Garrett was campaigning against in the eighties

* The closure of Australian National Academy of Music in Melbourne

and yesterday he approved nine more parts of a Pulp Mill in Bell Bay, Tasmania. Which if it gets the go ahead; could cause an absolute environmental catastrophe for the East Coast of Tasmania. Whilst he reassures that the mill will not be approved fully until all studies are concluded, approving the nine more parts of the plan brings it closer to reality
to read his Press Release go here;


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  1. Anthony carson said,

    Peter Garrett in my 45 yrs I have never seen such an about face in someones ideals as that which you have shown. I have some advice for you – !. Give back all monies made from your protest / idealism music that you scammed from us 20 yrs ago , 2. Resign your ministership and crawl into a hole so deep that you never again emerge.
    You are a man without any morals , you owe most of your wealth to Mother Nature and I can now only wish for you and your family the worst type of agonising slow death that pretenders like yourself deserve . I would gladly dance on your grave and celebrate the passing of a true piece of filth.

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