To Pulp or Not to Pulp

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i think it’s about time i put my opinon on the pulp mill down in writing, that and the fact i’m kinda miffed at how some people believe that the recent media exposure by channel nine and abc has been somewhat skewed.

Firstly the environmental impact could be detremental, not only on the side of tourism and the health of residence in the Tamar Valley but to the wildlife and seafood industry that operates out of the norht east coast, considering that there is no firm estimate of how much waste the pulp mill will omit why should we put the seafood industry in risk? Anyone remember the Burnie pulp mill and the environmental damage that Burnie sustained? do you really want to be breathing it in?

I understand those who are supporting it because of the jobs, but think of who is firstly going to work there, they’d have to be skilled labour to train workers, this means employing people who don’t live in Tasmania to train people, also the fact that it is in bell bay means a long commute for people who live in Launceston and considering the East Tamar Highway is a pretty notorious road for accidents does this mean the state/federal governments are willing to update it and make it safe. That and the fact State rail has cut the railway services between the west coast and launceston means there’s no other option but to transport logs via the highway. The pulp mill will also impact employment in tourism, vineyards and agriculture. Who is going to want to buy a bottle of wine where the grapes have been grown in close proximity to a pulp mill, and do actually think anyone is going to want to drink boags beer either after it’s built.

This means all the work we’ve put into advertising we’re a ‘clean, green state’ has been shot to hell.

For those who have criticised the reports on the pulp mill by 4 corners and 60 minutes should really ask themselves “is there a reason why Paul Lennon and John Gay are not willing to talk openly about the pulp mill?”

Both reports were as balanced as possible in my opinon considering the Premier of the state and John Gay the guy in charge of gunns will not say anything to anyone about the pulp mill.

Iam pro development, but not if it means destroying other industries in the process.

All in all, it seems all the protesting and petitions have been in vain because unfortunately Paul Lennon is adament on getting a pulp mill come hell or rioting in the streets of Launceston.


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