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January 6, 2009 at 12:47 pm (Uncategorized)

here’s is the more important posts from an older blog I used to keep.

Censorship in China via the internet

With the assistance of internet search engines, the Chinese government has censored information and imagery on a range of topics from The Tianamen Square Massacare in 1989 to Taiwain.
How can keeping this information from the general populus of China be justified?
Not only are they restricting this information from society, but in the case of the Tianamen Square Massacare, the Chinese Government has glossed over the fact that hundreds if not thousands had died.
Essentially they are factually altering they’re own history. How can future generations learn about the incident if their own government is denying the knowledge of these events happening through internet censorship.

When searching for information in China via the internet for the Tianamen Square Massacare a message will appear on the top of the results page “In line with local law and policies, parts of the results are not listed.” The image search of the Tianamen Sq Massacare will bring up images of buildings and maps of the area but no pictures of protesters or wounded,
not even the worldwide iconic image of the man who stood infront of the tank.

it’s time for the malcontents look at…


yes only a few months late but eh… i have things to do
this rant is about M*A*S*H, surprisingly it’s not criticising it

well mash is a show that is very dear to my heart because of how comedically talented all the actors were and how there was a underlying anti war messagetherefore that and also being my fav show i decided as an upcoming treat to myself before my birthday i would instead of bump write mash quotes instead.a bit about mashit ran from 1972 til 1983 (it finished 3 years before i was born!)and was set in the korean war and was somewhat a protest against the vietnam war. IT starred alan alda, loretta swit, larry linvile, mclean stevenson, mike farrell among others and there was cameo appearances from ron howard, leslie nielsen and singer loudon wainwright the 3rd (yep rufus’ and martha’s dad)i dont why im so drawn to mash now. i remember as a child having an extreme dislike towards it, but as i have grown older, (and events around the world have happened such as president bush of the united stupidity of america deciding to invade iraq on account of weapons of mass destruction) i have come to appreciate for more than it’s comedic value. the lessons the show teaches about human suffering through war time are ones that our world leaders should hed to today


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