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January 6, 2009 at 12:49 pm (Uncategorized)

never let a malcontent work in a supermarket part 1

I recently quit my job at the local supermarket due to my commitment to university.
That and the fact i was very close to blowing my brains out. For the next couple of weeks I will be writing a series of blogs about why you shouldn’t employ a malcontent to work in a supermarket.

They’ll plan an over throw of the supermarket

Those eight and nine hour shifts can lead to the recently employed malcontent to contemplate how to over throw the supermarket or to a larger extent the country or world. Why? because a malcontents are generally an fairly intelligent people who don’t know how to turn their brains off, so when you have them doing something mind numbingly boring such as standing in front of a register serving people who don’t want to be there buying groceries and certainly don’t wish to have an intellectual conversation with what they believe to be an ‘idiot’ who can only manage to get a job at a poky little supermarket.

never let a malcontent work at a supermarket part 2

If you do come across a malcontent working at your local supermarket do not allow them to pack your grocery bags if you have certain preferences that one product should not be in the same bag as another product. For example,
if you wish to have your tomatoes in a different bag to your avocadoes
or your bleach in a different bag to your washing powder
because a malcontent will exploit this and pack them in the same bag just for kicks.

don’t piss a malcontent off whilst they’re packing your groceries

because they will always somehow manage to squash something or put the meat in with fresh produce just to piss you off

never ever say to malcontent who is about to close their register ‘oh can you serve before you go, i only have a few items..’

because you generally don’t have a ‘few’ items you have a whole trolley full of groceries. This will lead to the malcontent to want to smash your head against the register because you have either
a) caused the malcontent to miss their break
b) made them late for finishing therefore making them late for their anarchist meeting
c)just pissed them off because you are you

the third and final part of never let a malcontent work in a supermarket will be up soon, depending on when this malcontent can be bothered writing it

Never let a malcontent to work in a supermarket part 3

Welcome to the last blog in this series, discussing why malcontents shouldn’t work in a supermarket and what to do if you do encounter in your journey to the supermarket।

I guess you’re wondering why a malcontent is not exactly the best person to employ for service work, well most malcontents hate people, because they know that deep down inside what drives people is greed and that essentially people are no good

With that out of the way, if you do come across a malcontent in a supermarket, be kind to them, they’ll still hate you at the end of the their shift, but they won’t feel a need to shove avacadoes in to certain parts of your anatomy


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