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May 4, 2009 at 12:26 pm (fail room, internet, online community, Television) (, , , , , )

Having to sit through Today Tonight which airs on Channel Seven is generally a pain in the ass, then tonight they aired a story about a website called “Freagle” on how you can earn big bucks by doing nothing.
It smell like a dirty scam.
So I have just had a look at the site, and to me it appears just to be that, a scam.
If something like this actually worked legitimately it would not have to be on a tabloid journalism television program flogging its wears.
Tut Tut Tut Channel Seven
Having to pay for a 30 day trial using a credit card also makes me highly suspect.

Whatever you do, never enter into something on the internet that smells fishy, coz if it looks too good to be true then it generally is a scam.

On that note, I have decided that writing an email to Today Tonight expressing my distaste and asking if the “story” was in fact a extended ad or not will help the malcontent in me feel slightly less disgruntled.



  1. Lui said,

    I saw that and to me it looks legit….and i did sign up! but im waiting for the activation of my account so after i browse and give it a go, ill come back and comment about the experience. We are moving (or already are) into tough times and extra income would do great. So fingers crossed! lolz

    • mutatedpixelation said,

      Please do tell us how it goes, but for me after reading the ACCC website it all smells too much like a scam or hidden pyramid scheme

  2. Highly Suspicious said,

    If it looks like a scam, smells like a scam…then i will let you judge for yourself. I know someone who lost their business due to the high fees and lack of sales. When you join you will be one of many selling the same items from the same affiliates. And If you are expection after sales support for your investment then think again, go to the Freagle colloseum and you will see most members are as confused as each other and its a case of the blind leading the blind. Goodluck to those who have already parted with their money, if you havent yet then perhaps the money could be better spent.
    How this story even got on air is beyond me.

    • mutatedpixelation said,

      There needs to be stronger laws about what can go on shows like today tonight and ACA, it also should be stated at the start and the end of the piece that it is in fact an advertisement editorial

  3. Highly Suspicious said,

    You may also want to click on this link for further reviews on Freagle

  4. beatlegirl said,

    Well it is not a scam but more like a rip off. The reckon they are doing businesses a favor and equally the users but it is a poor online marketing/advertising medium for business and a waste of time for the users would have to spend countless hours filling in questionnaires for minimal points.

    It is an expensive for business to sign up and the rip off is 2 fold….. time wise for the consumer looking for a freebie and money wise for the business owner who deserves better. If you are a business looking for a helping hand that is what I do – up front, personal and no rip offs. Oh and I don’t need stupid tabloid current affairs programs to promote my service. I have a blog article about Freagle too if you are interested….

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