The Logies

May 4, 2009 at 4:21 am (fail room, radio, Television) (, , , , , , , , , , , , , , , )

Australia’s answer to The Emmy’s were held last night in Melbourne, and they were the Biggest sack of fail I have ever witnessed.
Now dear reader allow me to rant for a while.
First things first; you got a never was been in Gretel Kileen hosting the debarcle, a woman whom is annoying and smug and completely lacking comedic timing, trying to be funny, and failing miserably.
Then you have the awards itself.

The three major television shows to win last night were Channel Nine’s Underbelly, Channel Seven’s Packed to the Rafters and Channel Ten’s Rove.
Now, I bear no malice towards Underbelly or Rove, both are brilliant. Underbelly, whilst being highly explicit show sthe history of Victoria’s gangland wars brilliantly, it was well written, well acted and deserves all accolades that come its way. Rove is Australia’s best talk show/light entertainment show and always has a diverse range of guests.
However Packed to the Rafters, despite having a few good actors in Michael Caton and Rebecca Gibney, falls flat dreadfully.
The younger actors over act like it’s the end of year play in Primary School and it’s plot lines seem to be recycled plots from Home and Away and now defunct show Always Greener. It may have deserved “Most Popular Drama” but nothing more or less.
Rebecca Gibney walked away with the Gold Logie, which normally would not worry but, She actually had the majority of Launceston voting for her, through a campaign on the local radio station LA-FM.
Now for those who don’t know, Gibney lives in Tamar Valley and is quite vocal about making sure there’s no pulp mill built (which she should be applauded about) but also does a lot of promotional things for LA-FM
so it seems one hand gives the other a gold logie in Launceston today.

Whilst the ceremony was incredibly lack lustre there was four highlights
Dave Hughes’ Monologue
Wil Anderson’s Monologue
Peter Phelp’s trying to find Humphrey B. Bear a job
and Bill Collins, Australia’s ‘Mr Movies’ finally being inducted in to the hall of fame”


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