Australia’s Next Top Model or Bogan?

May 6, 2009 at 1:10 am (ettiquette and fashion, fail room, Television) (, , , , )

Last Night the second episode of Australia’s Next Top Model was shown on FOX 8 and it got me to thinking…
Probably 3 of those girls actually have the dignity, grace and good looks to actually get anywhere in the modeling business. So why oh why is there a bunch complete and utter degenerative bogans there? Why not have people of quality on the show AND MAKE IT A REAL COMPETITION!
no ratings are so much better for train wrecks aren’t they?

One in particular, Cassie I believe her name is, spent last nights episode either crying, swearing, whinging and coming off as an idiot, and whilst her photo was good, her taste in clothing at judging WAS AWFUL! Others, whom their names escaped me acted like little shits towards to each other.

Here’s an idea, next season get people who really want it, not people who are going to turn the show into a circus!


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