30% rebate loss hype – is it justified?

May 8, 2009 at 11:46 am (fail room, health, politics) (, , , , )

Rumors have begun circulating in the Australian media concerning what measures will be included in the Federal Budget next Tuesday night, the most predominant one is the axing of the 30% rebate on Private Medical Insurance.

Thing is, there will be conditions and an income test for the rebate put in place so those individuals who earn over $150 000 a year or families who earn over $240 000 a year will lose the rebate completely.

But that’s the thing, if your family was earning $240 000 a year would you really have a problem paying an extra 30% for Private Medical Insurance?
Really, in all honesty???

As someone whom has spent the last couple years living on under $850 a month whilst at university and payed rent, bought food, paid phone, power and internet bills whilst still finding a bit of cash to save, one would imagine that a family on 240k or an individual on 150k a year would find the adjustment easy.
Maybe cut down on a few lattes or trips to the theatre?
and thats another thing the Private Insurers are running round going “OMG OMG OMG IF YOU DO THAT WE’LL HAVE TO PUT UP FEES TO COVER THOSE WHO CUT OFF THEIR INSURANCE!!!”
I say “Pffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffft”
The private insurers are already making a bundle, and even if they do lose some business the only reason that put their fees up is for greed, nothing more.


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