Aussie TV – has wednesday night become the new saturday?

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Tonight saw the launch of two new shows and the reunion of an old Australian Favourite in Hey Hey it’s Saturday. Personally I’m quite pleased to see it back on temporarily and would like to see how well it went in the ratings. Maybe we’ll see it come back in the 2010 line up for Channel 9.

On Channel 10 we saw Celebrity Masterchef start which was also quite good, and really well set out. Kudos go to them.

Unfortunately for me, the ABC’s new 9pm show The Hungry Beast, for me was an epic fail.
Well I had high expectations, I thought it might be a mix of Jtv and the Chaser but alas all I got was apathy with a title sequence that sneakily familiar to Jtv’s except for it turning into a “beast”

Yep apathy.
Now I’m a cynical malcontent, but seriously, a whole show on apathy is really only going to entertain for so long, maybe the emo’s will find it ace, but that’s all. Whilst I like the fake report about gulibilty, the bagging out of internet support for social/political issues is a kinda lame bird to shot at, and wtf was that thing about the cat.
This show should’ve had a first season launch on ABC 2 just to test the waters before going to ABC to work out the kinks.
till next time kids!


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