and now a rant on bad food and moods

September 25, 2009 at 3:05 am (Uncategorized) (, , )

Is it just me or is everyone just in a shitty mood?
The guy in a government agency I went to yesterday just grunted when I asked him questions
Then this morning I went to the supermarket and the chick who served me was in a serious shitty mood.
I wonder if it’s all the rain.
Also speaking of the supermarket, can Woolworths change their slogan from fresh food people to mouldy food people? I mean seriously, a quick look around the fresh food department will quickly destroy their motto, mouldy strawberries, browning lettuce and bananas, apples and pears that are bruised to buggery all at sky high prices.
Aldi, please build a store in Tasmania, at least your products have a decent price, even if the are bruised to hell.
Which leads me to a new idea for this blog

have you bought top dollar, but low grade supposedly fresh fruit and veg from one of the big supermarkets then feel free to tell us and post pictures on here, the public deserves to know how completely dodgy the fresh food has become!


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