So long Sol, it’s obvious, you won’t miss us

May 26, 2009 at 4:49 am (fail room, internet, politics, radio) (, , , , , )

Sol Trujillo, the CEO of Telstra for another month has left Australia already back into the safe loving arms of the Americans.
Supposedly Australians are racist, from Prime Minister Kevin Rudd, down to the lowliest bogan.

Trujillo has been the CEO of Telstra for a few years and has ran into the ground, service in regional areas has suffered whilst prices have gone up, yet he’s walked away with 30 million dollars. When he announced his departure from the job, Kevin Rudd was quoted as saying “adios” (spanish for goodbye) Sol being of Mexican decent has seen this as a racial slur and in a recent BBC radio interview called the whole country “backward”


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The Week in Dot Points

May 10, 2009 at 10:40 am (awesome pile, ettiquette and fashion, fail room, health, politics, tasmania) (, , , , , , , , )

*rumors about next weeks Australian Federal Budget were abundant – in particular the axing of the 30% Private health insurance rebate, superannuation contributions and paid paternity leave

*Malcolm Turnbull accused Kevin Rudd of being “hot headed” after a supposed incident over not having a hair dryer on his last trip to Afghanistan. Speaking of Turnbull, he announced rather pigishly that He and the Liberals will be ready whenever the Labor party are for the election. All getting rather childish in Canberra by the sounds of it, I expected him to be poking his tongue out after he said it as well.

*Death total from Swine Flu currently stands as being under 200, whilst the world wide hysteria kicks into overload and everyone uses alcohol hand sanitizer like Niles Crane from Frasier.

*Everyone learned that those in the Congo Army believe that sodomising Pygmies give supernatural powers

*In Australia the gender test for pregnant couples has been made available – which has struck fear into those hate filled right to lifers (who will gladly kill you if you ever mention the “A” word around them) saying that couples who find out the gender of their unborn child at 8 weeks will lead to more abortions.

*In Tasmania, it was found out that opposition leader Will Hodgman spent $13000 on his website – gee and I spend nothing for mine, he’s really being ripped off

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